Course curriculum

  • 2

    Atomic and Electronic Structure

    • Course Guide for Topic 1-Atomic and Electronic Structure (use for notes during the video)

    • Topic Video Lesson: Atomic and Electronic Structure

    • MCAT Review Text-Atomic and Electronic Structure

    • Topic Quiz

  • 3

    The Periodic Table

    • Course Guide for Topic 2- The Periodic Table (use for notes during the video)

    • Topic Video Lesson-The Periodic Table

    • MCAT Review Text-The Periodic Table

    • Topic Quiz

  • 4

    Covalent Bonds and Representations

    • Course Guide for Topic 3-Covalent Bonds and Representations (use for notes during the video)

    • Topic Video Lesson: Covalent Bonds and Representations

    • MCAT Review Text-Covalent Bonds

    • Topic Quiz

  • 5

    Bonding Models: VSEPR and Hybridization

    • Course Guide for Topic 4-Bonding Models, VSEPR, and Hybridization (use for notes during the video)

    • Topic Video Lesson: Bonding Models, VSEPR and Hybridization

    • MCAT Review Text-Bonding Models: VSEPR and Hybridization

    • Topic Quiz

  • 6


    • Course Guide for Topic 5-Stoichiometry (use for notes during the video)

    • Topic Video Lesson: Stoichiometry

    • MCAT Review Text-Stoichiometry

    • Topic Quiz

  • 7

    Ions, Solubility and Colligative Properties

    • Course Guide for Topic 6-Ions, Solubility, and Colligative Properties (use for notes during the video)

    • Topic Video Lesson: Ions, Solubility, and Colligative Properties

    • MCAT review Text-Ions, Solubility, and Colligative Properties

    • Topic Quiz

  • 8

    Thermodynamics and Equilibria

    • Course Guide for Topic 7-Thermodynamics and Equilibria (use for notes during the video)

    • Video Lesson for Thermodynamics and Equilibria

    • MCAT Review Text-Thermodynamics and Equilibria

    • Topic Quiz

  • 9

    Acid-Base Equilibria and Titrations

    • Course Guide-Acid-Base Equilibria and Titrations

    • Video Lesson for Acid-Base Equilibria and Titrations

    • MCAT Review Text-Acid-Base Equilibria and Titrations

    • Topic Quiz

  • 10


    • Course Guide-Electrochemistry (use to take notes during the video)

    • Topic Video Lesson-Electrochemistry

    • MCAT Review Text-Electrochemistry

    • Topic Quiz

  • 11

    Gases and Gas Laws

    • Course Guide-Gases and Gas Laws

    • Gases and Gas Laws Video Lesson

    • MCAT Review Text-Gases and Gas Laws

    • Topic Quiz

  • 12


    • Course Guide-Kinetics

    • MCAT Review Text-Kinetics

    • Topic Quiz

    • Kinetics Video Lesson

  • 13

    Course End Review of Topic Quizzes in General Chemistry - over 100 practice questions

    • Quiz Instructions

    • Periodic Table Resource File

    • Comprehensive Course-End Quiz (over 100 questions!)

    • Quick Review General Chemistry Quiz

  • 14

    Ladder Quiz: Organic Chemistry + General Chemistry

    • Ladder Quiz Instructions

    • Ladder Quiz: Organic Chem + General Chem (20 random Q from a large bank)